Privacy Policy

Pegasus Auctions takes your privacy seriously.

Please read the following to learn more about our privacy policy.

General Information


The Privacy Policy of Pegasus Auctions is used to protect our customers' privacy and security of information stored and shared with us through Through the act of registering with and using our website, you automatically give consent to use and disclose information as needed. If you do not agree with the terms defined below, you should not use products or services offered by Pegasus Auctions.


Information Collection and Use


It is essential that we collect some personal information in order to accurately process your order in a timely fashion. Further, we require specific username and password information for you to access our website when desired. At the time of registration, you provide consent for us to periodically send you informative email messages. In addition, your data is used when you access technical support. In the case of the issuing of invoices, it is the responsibility of the buyer to provide us with such additional personal information such as full name, email address and mailing addresses.

Your personal information may also be used as required for the purpose of legal action. Protection and defence of the rights and property of Pegasus Auctions are taken into consideration, as well as any merger or other business action.


Changing / Updating Personal Data


If you give us permission to send you information updates, including newsletters about product upgrades, updates, new products / services, or discounts available, you must remember to keep us informed when you change your email address. If you are unable to make such changes yourself on our website, we will do it at your request. Also, remember that you can cancel email notifications at any time at


Protection of Personal Information


Information gathered and stored at is fully protected. We do our best to secure data collected from customers and we do not disclose it to any unauthorized person or organization. All data is restricted to Pegasus Auctions employees and external service providers only, which are entitled to use it to fulfill business functions. Misuse of this data is forbidden and Pegasus Auctions will take appropriate disciplinary action as required should we learn that personal data we store was used in an unapproved manner.

Please note that Pegasus Auctions does not take responsibility for data used in a Paypal financial transaction when purchases are made at Paypal is responsible for accepting and verifying your financial account details. As a result, your financial details are not stored on our system.


Consent to Disclose Data


It is necessary for Pegasus Auctions to maintain a minimum amount of personal information about our customers in order to provide appropriate products and services. It is not possible to make a purchase without providing some level of personal information.

At any time, you are free to advise us as to what personal information you are not willing to share. Be aware that our services may be restricted as a result.

Please note that there may be situations where it is necessary for your personal information to be used despite the fact you have withdrawn consent to disclose details of your purchase records.


Cookies policy.


What are cookies?


A cookie is a text file stored on a user's web browser on a computer or any other device when he/she accesses a website. It allows to identify a user's device and display a website adjusted to his/her preferences. Also, it remembers a website visited and it is recognized when a user returns to the website.


What are cookies used for?


Cookies are used for adjusting websites content to user's preferences and optimizing websites use. They store useful information so as to simplify and improve Internet experience. They are used especially for:

  • allowing to stay logged in on a website desired,
  • adjusting websites content to user's preferences and optimizing websites use; especially these files allow to recegonize the device of a service user and display a website adjusted to his/her individual needs,
  • creating statistics that help to understand how Service Users use websites which allow to improve their structure and content (Google Analytics).


What types of cookies are used?


There are two types of cookies, namely: persistent cookies and session cookies. Persistent cookies remain on your hard drive for time specified in cookies files parameters or till the moment of removing them by a user manually. Session cookies, on the other hand, are used temporarily and they expire once a website or a browser is closed.


Do cookies include personal data?


If there is a need of collecting personal information, it is required by data protection laws to inform users about collection of personal data.
In remaining cases, personal data is decoded in a way it is inaccessible for unauthorized persons.


Cookies in browser data


By default, it is possible to place cookies on a browser, however, these settings can be changed in a way to block cookies service or to inform each time about their use. Detailed information about cookies and their service is available in each browser's settings.

We use cookies.